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all photographs © by David Janka

This is the last full season operating Auklet Charter Services.
We will be retiring at the end of April 2023.

Annette and I plan to mess about in our boat in Prince William Sound for 2-3 years, continuing to base ourselves out of Cordova.
Looking forward to having the summers to ourselves and taking visiting friends and relatives on short outings.
We will also use the time and summer weather to get the Auklet looking extra nice for selling. Please get in touch if interested in buying the Auklet and the business at any time.

Thank you to the hundreds of individuals, families, friends, organizations, agencies, universities, media, film and other groups that have chartered with us these past 27 years. And to the nearly 70 folks who have helped with crewing - thank you! Thanks to Carolyn for all the help with keeping this website fresh and running.

An especially big thank you, and an even bigger hug to Annette for all her hard work, patience, companionship, guidance, support and love over the years.

David, Annette and Leena.

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Up close and personal visit to Harriman Glacier.

Chugach National Forest, Nellie Juan Wilderness Study Area.
David and Annette Janka
Up close and personal visit to Harriman Glacier. Chugach National Forest, Nellie Juan Wilderness Study Area.
Enjoying a quiet evening at anchor. Knight Island, Prince William Sound.
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Some of our wildlife encounters aboard the Auklet and on our Zodiac skiff excursions in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

  Auklet Charter Services

temperate rainforests of Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Out for a hike with our boat dog, Leena.

Auklet Charter Services offers custom natural history cruises as well as vessel charter services supporting scientific research, film crews and work trips in and around Prince William Sound, Alaska including Whittier, Cordova, Valdez, the Chugach National Forest including the Nellie Juan/College Fjord Wilderness Study Area and Prince William Sound State Marine Parks.

Auklet Charter Services' quality multi-day cruises in Alaska's famous Prince William Sound emphasize wildlife viewing, glaciers, hiking, natural history, kayaking, photography, bird watching and skiff excursions.


Low tide stroll near Harriman Glacier
Low tide stroll near Harriman Glacier.

Chartering your own vessel and cruising Prince William Sound for a number of days, anchoring in quiet coves and bays each night, allows you to not just see Prince William Sound but truly experience it.

Our knowledge and understanding of Alaska’s natural history, it's ecology, glaciers, mammals, forest habitats, wildflowers, geology, marine environment, the 1964 earthquake as well as historical and cultural history including native history, early explorers, mining, fox farms, fishing, 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill is complimented by our involvement with research projects, an extensive onboard library as well as our personal experiences from living here in Prince William Sound for over 40 years.



Nellie Juan Wilderness Area
Hiking in the Nellie Juan Wilderness Area, Prince William Sound, AK.
Columbia Glacier, Prince William Sound, Alaska
Main Branch of Columbia Glacier,
Prince William Sound, Alaska

Our 58 foot (17.7m) classic wooden motor vessel Auklet provides a comfortable and safe vessel for your multi-day charter. Cruises are customized and personal with a maximum of six passengers. The Auklet is a US Coast Guard 5 Star Safety Rated vessel. US Coast Guard licensed captain. Fully insured. Families welcome.

Auklet Charter Services operates throughout Prince William Sound and is a State of Alaska, City of Cordova, Whittier and Valdez licensed business. We are members of the Cordova and Whittier Chambers of Commerce and the Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau. We are permitted with the US Forest Service for guided hiking within the Chugach National Forest and with the State of Alaska for activities within the Prince William Sound State Marine Parks.

**In July 2016 we ran a 5 day natural history cruise from Cordova to Whittier across Prince William Sound with 6 wonderful folks from Minnesota. One of them put together a great short video of the trip. See it on YouTube at:

Victor Lundquist with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center/NOAA Fisheries has recently posted his work on the history of Alaska fisheries research/agency vessels. Check out this link to the Auklet (originally the Auklet II). What a great history resource. I have a copy of the 1950's era photo of the Auklet II hanging in the galley. This is the first time I have seen a photo of the original Auklet from the early 1900's.


Possible specialty trips:
**Spring migration cruise before or after the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival.
Contact for details.
**Artist workshop cruise with David Rosenthal.
Contact for details and see

Auklet Charter Services is highlighted in a video travel guide for families. Travel With Kids,, is an award-winning family travel guide show. Their Travel with Kids Alaska video has a lovely segment on their trip out with Auklet Charter Services in 2008. Their full length videos and short films are available for sale on Amazon and iTunes.

The Big Year, with Steve Martin, has two scenes aboard a boat called "Auklet Tours". We really enjoyed the light hearted look at birdwatching unfortunately Auklet Charter Services had no involvement with the film.

See the trailer here


"Images of America - Cordova"  from Arcadia Publishing follows Cordova's history through 200 photographs. Nineteen of the thirty five present day photographs are by David Janka.


Annette and her hiking friend Carol have been hiking together and solo for years. They have put their stories and lessons the bears have taught them into a book.
A Handful of Idiots and a Bunch of Bears: Ursine Adventures and Misadventures in the Alaskan Wilderness by CJ Hernley and Annette Janka. And check out CJ's book describing her raft trip through the Grand Canyon with Annette and others in 2015. "In Over My Head: A Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure on the Colorado River”. Both available on Amazon.

The Auklet is named after a small seabird related to the Puffin.
ocean and mountains
Wildflower meadows and mountain scenery, PWS
Prince William Sound Killer Whales
Prince William Sound research
58' motor vessel Auklet at her homeport slip in Cordova, Alaska
Preparing for kayak and Zodiac skiff excursions from the Auklet in Pr. Wm. Sound.
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